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Big Fish Research Chemicals specialise in the supply of trade, bulk and wholesale research chemicals. UK suppliers, online vendors and individuals trust us to regularly supply high purity, research chemicals at trade prices.


We operate from within the EU offering a broad range of wholesale research chems, some common and some hard to find, but all of them are high purity and certified by independent and / or manufacturers analysis.


We only list the wholesale research chemicals prices to account holders. If you wish to view prices then simply sign up for an account or drop us an email and we will send you login details.


We won't give you the hard sell or tell you that all other sellers are rubbish and we are the best. But we are confident that our range and quality of products is amongst the best available.


Samples are available to account holders dependent on stock, if you don't have an account you will not get a sample so please don't email us requesting this.


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